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“Children see magic because they look     for it!”

 The Warwick Valley Community 

WVCC Nature Program for 2-4 year old preschoolers and their parents/caretakers.

Little Cones, 3-Pines Nature Place’s Premier Preschool program 

. 3-Pines Nature Place is located at the Warwick Valley Community Center in the Village of Warwick.  

The Little Cones nature series will include both indoor and outdoor activity, live animals & sound recordings along with a craft and story.  Each week will cover a topic such as Salamanders, Birds, Nests & Eggs, Cottontails, Spring more.  Little CONES, will serve to the mission of 3-Pines Nature Place.   

C is for Curiosity, Conifers, Conservation, Connecting, Climbing, Community

O is for Organic, Ourselves, Outside        

N is for Native, Nests, Nature, Nurture, Now

E is for Earthy, Ecology, Environment, Exploring    

S is for Stewards, Safe, Seasons, Shelters, Smells, Seeds, Sitting, Seeing

For more information and to register please call Kerry at the Center at 986-6422. 

Files coming soon.