Room Rentals 2019

Warwick Valley Community Center

11 Hamilton Ave Warwick NY


Room Rental Prices 2019



Private or Commercial Prices (**"Not for Profit" prices below)


Main Hall/ Auditorium     includes Tables and   chairs........$50.00  per hour

  additional charge for use of Projector $25 per Event 


  Add Lounge with Kitchen area                                   ...........$15.00  per hour


Upstairs Dance/Yoga Rooms                                     ............$35.00 per hour


Lounge with kitchen                                                   ...........$35.00 per hour


Teen Center                                                                      .........$75.00 per hour

  includes Kitchen, Café, Multi Use area and Game room



** Non Profit rates please call Kerry 845-986-6422 Extension #1


For monthly rental rates, classes, and scheduling, please call Kerry 845-986-6422 Extension #1   


All renters are required to Provide :

 1.Certificate of Insurance naming the Warwick Community Bandwagon as additionally insured. 

 2.Completed Rental and Building usage form  

3 $50 Deposit required 

4. Signed Rental Contract   

The Warwick Valley Community Center follows the Warwick Valley School District calendar.

 This means, if the Schools are closed or delayed the Center is as well.  

Refunds will only be issued in the event of the Center closing or a cancellation in writing 2 weeks prior to the event.   

Your space is not booked until Deposit is received!    

Building Usage (pdf)


Rental Checklist (pdf)